Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mexico Beach, Florida

If memory serves, this photo was taken in 1988 in Mexico Beach, FL. We stayed at the El Governor Motel, which we found to be perfect for our family. It was small, older but clean, reasonably priced, complete with a kitchenette. Perfect place for Jeff to have his morning cereal, and hide behind the boxes. Jeff never was much of a morning person.

The original El Governor was destroyed by Hurricane Opal in 1995. It has since been rebuilt into a multi-story hotel, but continues to get good reviews from guests. Mexico Beach is a neighbor to Destin, an area we loved and returned to several times. With it's squeaky white sand and clear emerald waters, it was paradise.

The photo is awful in quality, but wonderfully rich in memories. Note the boys are all wearing the same swimming trunks...easier for me to keep an eye three little boys. Everyone was wildly happy to be playing on the beach, in the sun and surf. Terry and I washed sand out of little body crevices for days afterward. Alyssa wore a crown of seaweed, the boys ran in and out of the surf. Everything was simpler, everyone was together

I miss those days. Well, except for washing sand out of crevices.

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