Saturday, November 6, 2010

10 Things to Love on a Saturday

In no particular order.

1. I drove through Chic-Fil-A for lunch while running errands and the person in line ahead of me bought my lunch. I heart that. I did the same for the person behind me.
2. Another gorgeous fall day in the wilds of Kansas.
3. Kyle is in Baltimore visiting Danny. I am unbelievably thankful that my kids enjoy each other.
4. Terry & I leave Wednesday to visit Danny! Here's to having something to look forward to.
5. Date night with Terry.
6. I love vacuuming, especially when it's long overdue. Like today.
7. Grandchildren. Can't wait to meet my first granddaughter in a few months, enjoying seeing my grandson nearly daily.
8. Marty McFly. Timeless.
9. Central heat.
10. My new velour hoodie. In eggplant, no less.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Declan With The Baby In The Mirror

Poor Declan. After spending nearly two hours in a hospital waiting room with me, AGAIN, he was hungry for a little guy time. With the baby in the mirror.

How cute is he?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mexico Beach, Florida

If memory serves, this photo was taken in 1988 in Mexico Beach, FL. We stayed at the El Governor Motel, which we found to be perfect for our family. It was small, older but clean, reasonably priced, complete with a kitchenette. Perfect place for Jeff to have his morning cereal, and hide behind the boxes. Jeff never was much of a morning person.

The original El Governor was destroyed by Hurricane Opal in 1995. It has since been rebuilt into a multi-story hotel, but continues to get good reviews from guests. Mexico Beach is a neighbor to Destin, an area we loved and returned to several times. With it's squeaky white sand and clear emerald waters, it was paradise.

The photo is awful in quality, but wonderfully rich in memories. Note the boys are all wearing the same swimming trunks...easier for me to keep an eye three little boys. Everyone was wildly happy to be playing on the beach, in the sun and surf. Terry and I washed sand out of little body crevices for days afterward. Alyssa wore a crown of seaweed, the boys ran in and out of the surf. Everything was simpler, everyone was together

I miss those days. Well, except for washing sand out of crevices.

Overland Park Arboretum

Thursday was yet another beautiful fall day, in this string of lovely days we've had this year. After errand-running and lunching with Alyssa and Declan, the arboretum was calling my name. And I happened to have my camera with me, all the better.

I don't know what year the arboretum opened, but I used to take the kids and dog there when it was nothing but a trail hacked through the woods. It is so much more now, and it is truly wonderful.

The only thing I miss? The solitude.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I Ask You, Could I Have Been A Tomboy?

Returning to my gun-toting ways, half a century later.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Say Hello to Lilly and Anna

It's no secret how crazy I am about Jackie. This also extends to her family, for as anyone who knows Jackie, knows how devoted and committed she is to them. How can you not adore the whole package?

While society places a high value on appearance (and these girls are very lovely indeed), it is their inner heart, spirit and sweetness that is so extraordinary. With parents as kind, caring, loving and devout as theirs, there is no way Lilly and Anna could be anything but exceptional. Unfortunately, there is no human way to capture that kind of beauty.

Lilly, at seven.

Anna, at four.

P.S. Anna and Alyssa? Soul mates.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We've read your MRI, schedule an appointment right away. Thank you, bye-bye.

Alyssa had an MRI at Research Medical Center Friday afternoon. While she was being scanned, Declan and I hung out in the radiology waiting room. Declan entertained several patients with his smiles, his plastic spoons, and his unusual habit of wanting to hang upside down to view the world. He lasted for about an hour, got a little whimpery and fell asleep on my shoulder. I rearranged him, and puppy dog, and we waited for his mama.

When Alyssa rejoined us an hour and a half later, she said that she was told that if she waits, the doctor will read the films and give us results. However, there was a new trauma arrival in the ER the neurosurgeon must deal with first. That's fair, and we are glad to wait. Waiting now, rather than suffering through the weekend, is fine with us. Declan is now awake and restless. I take him and the stroller out to the hallway and walk and walk and walk to entertain him. I love the long straight, uncluttered halls of Research and always have. I remember visiting my mother in the lobby of Research circa 1960 after her head surgery. Research is comfortable and familiar, and I don't mind the quiet time with my thoughts.


One hour passes. Alyssa asks the radiology desk to call the radiologist reading her films to inquire about our status. Alyssa leaves for the bathroom, and of course, the MRI staff person calls. I take the call and am told the radiologist has read the films, conferred with the neurosurgeon and Alyssa is to make a follow up appointment right away.

Wait, we stayed for THIS? No, I told the woman, we were told to wait for results, not for directives to schedule an appointment. This is not okay, I said through slightly clenched teeth.

I'm told to call the neurosurgeon's office and maybe they can tell us more. Well, hello, the office is connected to the hospital. I think we will be one of those annoying patients who show up and want answers. I think that's fair exchange for spending several hours stuck in a hospital basement. With a baby. During nap time.

We walk over and ask nicely for results. The staff behind the counter resemble deer stunned by headlights. I don't think they are used to patients showing up and demanding results (albeit nicely). Someone skitters away and gets the PA, who kindly informs us that there was no change since Alyssa's MRI in June.

So there.